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Since 1984 Adam’s Continental Smallgoods have provided quality smallgoods, fresh meat and delicatessen products via their factory retail outlet in the Carole Park industrial area between Brisbane and Ipswich. 

Customers make the trek from all over Queensland, throughout Australia and internationally, not only to purchase the wonderful products made by hand on premises by Adam Senior, Adam Junior and their team, but to be immersed in the Adam’s experience. 

As soon as you step through the shop doors the smell of wood smoked meat will make your mouth water. All smallgoods are made on site, by hand, using traditional methods. Customers are able to sample hot Leberkase straight from the oven as well as items such as Adam’s Cheesies, Kransky, Weisswurst or Continental Frankfurts still warm from the smokehouse. 

Moving to Australia, Adam and Margaret Markovich found an abundance of high quality local meat but a lack of quality smallgoods. Using methods and recipes that had been handed down through generations of their families they decided to bring the flavours of Europe to Brisbane.  

Adam believes if you start with the best quality Australian meat, you don’t need to add much to end up with great flavour. A bit of salt, pepper some herbs and spices, maybe some wood smoke married with the right technique is enough to create the perfect finished product. This ‘less is more’ approach along with a focus on quality over quantity has ensured Adam’s Continental Smallgoods reputation as a producer of some of the highest quality smallgoods in Australia.

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